What to Wear | Looking your Best for you Senior Portraits | Alison Creasy Photography

What you wear to your senior portrait session really sets the tone.  I suggest you choose outfits that express your style. . . then add to it!  So lets take your favorite sun dress or romper,  add a sleeveless really long sweater, loose lightweight kimono or a lightweight scarf.  

Avoid clothing with large prints, characters, logos, or writing..  Small prints (plaids, stripes, florals, polka dot) are great and solid colors are always a classic choice.  There are always exceptions.  The striped dress below and the symbol on the sweatshirt at the bottom all work.  It really just depends on the garment.  Make sure your undergarments are neutral colored.  Dark underwear and white pants are not a good combo.  

Spaghetti straps are not encouraged for all your outfits.  When close ups are taken you will look naked.  Yikes!  So be sure the bring a variety of neck lines and sleeve types.   

Accessorize!  Bring along a big floppy hat, sunglasses, or wear a statement necklace. 

Choose solid colors over distracting patterns and coordinate the colors with the environment you will be photographed in.  For example if we are shooting in the fall don’t wear pink.  That isn’t a color you would find that time of year.

Please be sure you clothes are not wrinkled.   Photoshop doesn't fix everything.  

A word on shorts.  Shorts are fine but keep in mind when you move one side always ends up higher than the other.  Be sure your shorts are NOT tight on your thighs, this can give the impression that your thighs are bigger than they are.  So choose a pair that are a little longer and a little looser on your legs.  

Want to wear jeans?  Great, you can still stylize them up if you wish.  Tie a shirt around your waist, be sure it’s light weight we don’t want to add bulk where we don’t want it.  Pair your jeans with high heels or a cute pair of vans or converse and roll up the bottom slightly.  Jeans are a classic and you can't really go wrong with them.    


Hey guys I haven’t forgotten about you.  Add a lightweight jacket (it may be hot; we can shoot this one quickly).  If it is light enough we can push up the sleeves.  A graphic tee, open plaid shirt, jeans and a sneaker can be great!  Bring along your cowboy hat and sunglasses.  Don’t be afraid to jazz up your style with a tie and blazer.  Paired with jeans and vans a tie and blazer can be really great!  


The whole idea is to think a little out of the box but also stay with what you are comfortable with and express your style.  Take advantage of your photographer.  They can help you.  That’s what we do!  I am delighted to help choose a portrait wardrobe.  Actually I prefer to help.  That way I know what you choose will photograph well and you will be happy with your images. 

Flip through some fashion magazines for ideas or look at fashion blogs.  They are always helpful.   

Hope this helps you have a great senior portrait session!