Bridal Show {Lynchburg VA Wedding Photographer}

Recently I attended the VA Bridal show in Roanoke as a vendor.  We worked hard to build my booth and make it nice.  I wanted to show off some large canvases and I wanted to have a simple, clean booth that went with my brand.  I decided on Black walls with purple accents.  

Luckily I have a very handy husband.  We found some lightweight panel doors at Lowe's and he machined a metal piece to join them and for them to stay upright.  The floor is a foam puzzle fake wood floor.  Which was very nice to stand on all day.  I was grateful not to have to stand on concrete all day.  

The show went very well.  Below are step by step photos of it the booth going up.  

I promise I helped put the booth together, but I can't take the pictures and be in them at the same time.  I want to thank my husband for all his help!!!