Jordan Golf - HHS - Virginia Senior Photographer

It was an awesome evening on the golf course with Jordan.  That day the weather was awesome!  We were able to shoot at London Downs Golf Course where Jordan and the Heritage Golf team practice and play.  I enjoyed getting the sand trap shots as that was something different I hadn't done before.  We ended up doing a few portraits later in the shoot so it was dark and the moon is behind him and it looks like a golf ball in the sky.

Good luck Jordan with the rest of your senior year and after you graduate.  I know you will go on to do great things!  


Riley - Rustburg High - Class of 2018 - Alison Creasy Lynchburg Senior Photographer

Riley... man o man... what a session!  I hadn't been to Mariner's Landing in years and when I went I didn't get to look around at the beach, docks and etc.  I knew there would be places to shoot but I didn't realize it would be this fabulous.  Shooting on a Saturday in September it was pretty empty which was a plus.  We had tons of variety with the buildings, trees, docks, and beach.  

It was awesome to have her Grandma, sister and friend with her.  Her friend was kind enough to be sure my light didn't fall off the dock when the wakes came through.  They also helped make her laugh!  

Thank you Riley for asking me to shoot your senior portraits!  I had a wonderful evening shooting with you!  Good luck with the rest of your senior year!  

Make up by Laci Fore Makeup Artistry

Alexis - Appomattox High - Class of 2018- Virginia Senior Photography

I got to photograph this sweet Appomattox High School senior  at Evergreen Lavender Farm!  We had an awesome evening.  We had to wait out a downpour but went back to it once it passed.  We got a purple sunset which seems fitting since we were on a lavender farm.  Her little cousin, whom she adores, came along and I got a shot of them walking to our next spot.  Thank you Alexis for asking me to capture your senior portraits.  I have truly enjoyed working with you.    

Skylar Volleyball - RHS - Alison Creasy Senior Photographer

I got to shoot two volleyball players over the summer and loved both sessions.  Not gonna lie it's great to work in the gym.  No summer heat, bugs, or sun to worry about.  :) I like getting to use the sun on some of my sports sessions but sometimes it's good to have a break.

I couldn't have been happier with Skylar's volleyball portraits.  She was a delight to work with and we had fun.  We tried all kinds of things!  Skylar, you were awesome to photograph and would love to work with you again anytime!  

Skylar - Rustburg High - Class of 2018 - Virginia Senior Photographer

I love so many from Skylar's senior session.  She even brought her cute Pug for a few shots.  We started in downtown Appomattox, then went near the courthouse.  We ended by going to the 4-H Center.  Skylar went to 4-H camp then was a counselor!  It was an awesome place to shoot.  So many different places and looks.  I really enjoyed working with Skylar, she is upbeat and very easy going!