Golden Puppy Mazie! - Virginia Pet Photographer

Meet Mazie!  The softest Golden Retriever puppy there ever was!  We did a two part session with her and did a few in studio and then some outside.  She did so well in studio with holding her sit long enough for me to click the shutter and following the treats!  So good!  Outside she was a wild child.  She ran, tumbled, ate sticks, and even stole the treat bag!  Two different looks but both so cute!  Just soak up the adorableness of Mazie!  

Puppies! - Virginia Pet Photographer

I recently did a photoshoot of some puppies that were available for adoption from Friends of Campbell County Animal Shelter in order to help them find a home.  Duke is being adopted in a few days and Ginger has several interested.  As of today Amelia is still available.  They were constantly moving so I put them in a bucket and crate to slow them down for a second.  They are so adorable and I know they will make someone an awesome companion.  

Fenway & Remi - Pet Portraits - {Lynchburg Virginia Photographer}

Recently we kept the Dawson kids (that's what I call them).  Fenway and Remi are Jack Russell's and are full of personality.  I wanted to try a formal portrait of a dog so I used them for practice.  Since these dogs live the high life, drinking champagne and eating caviar, I thought a formal portrait suited them.   SIKE!!!! They are totally not formal at all!  But it is cute to see them all dolled up.  

I recently saw a photographer do some portraits of dog catching treats and I wanted to try that as well.  Remi wasn't quite a receptive so we stuck with Fenway on that one since he had a high food drive.  Remi is more timid and I didn't want to scare her off of taking pictures.