Meet Michaela {Lynchburg VA Newborn Photographer}

Check out Michaela's first photo shoot at seven days new!!!  She did such a good job.  I also had the pleasure of taking a few of her big sister whom I did her newborn shoot almost three years ago. 

Congratulations on your new addition;
A baby girl is a treasure rare;
A sweet pink angel, a little doll,
Nothing else can quite compare.

Her smiles and coos will bring you joy;
She'll fill your hearts with love and pleasure;
So cherish these special infant times,
With your little girl, your precious treasure.

By Joanna Fuchs


Baby Aubrie is here! {Lynchburg, VA Newborn photographer}

Miss Aubrie is a gorgeous baby girl who was wide awake for our session.  I had to click fast to get her sleeping.  I say, she didn't want to miss all the action.  Mr. and Mrs. K. it was great seeing you again and congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.  I can see she is much loved.  I hope your enjoy the pictures.





Hello world!


This is my first post on my photography blog.  I apologize in advance for any typos.  I tend to hit the wrong keys sometimes!  I have no doubt that my friend Marcy will keep me posted on my typos.  I am so excited to start my photography business.  I have been shooting for a few years now learning and practicing.  Right now I usually shoot outdoors taking advantage of the light nature creates, but hope to one day have a studio where I can use both natural and man made lights.

This is where I will post my sneek peeks.  So if you have a session with me I will post several of my favorites here so you don't have to wait long to see your pictures.  I am posting a few of my favorite pictures from several shoots this year.  Check them out and I hope your enjoy.


This is Nicole and she is a Senior and Rustburg High.  Go Red Devils!!  I shot these in August and she did great.  She is a gorgeous girl and a great softball player.  The first thing I noticed when I started shooting, were her beautiful eyes.  I have total eye envy.  I hope she has a great senior year and wish her all the luck in the future.



See aren't they gorgeous!!  Told you.

This is my nephew Adam and we took these at my friends farm.  We also took some with his lacrosse uniform and gear.  One day he hopes to be a jet pilot in the Airforce.

Whatever he decides to do I'm sure he'll be great at it.

This is Marcie and looks like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  We did this in her kitchen (courtesy of Dawson Custom Woodworking).

She is always willing to pose for me while I try out new ideas.  Her husband Joey came in from working outside so I could get this shot.

Thanks guys!

This is Piper (I know, cute name).  Piper's mom Tara and I grew up together.  I love this one because she looks cozy and comfortable.

I wish I could nap so peacefully.  Thanks guys for letting capture your baby girl's first few days of life.