Chloe - Beautiful Mountain View, Volleyball Senior Portraits - Alison Creasy Lynchburg, VA

Chloe is a stand out volleyball player from New Covenant Schools! Her team had a great season. Chloe was named Blue Ridge Conference Player of the Year! How awesome! She will be playing volleyball next year at Harding University. Congratulation Chloe! What a way to wrap up your high school career.

The yellow dress she chose for her session seemed to fit her personality perfectly. Chloe is a bright young lady. She smiles so easily! I really enjoyed my time with her and her Mom!

Jeremy - Scenic fall and Lacrosse Senior photography - Lynchburg, VA

Both of Jeremy’s sessions were this fall, but his lacrosse session felt like August. It was like 85 degrees. But that’s ok he got sweaty and that works for the sports sessions. We shot his casual session at Sweet Briar and it was a really nice cool day! I enjoyed working with Jeremy and was excited when his Mom contacted me about his senior portraits.

I photographed Jeremy A LOT this past spring during lacrosse season. He plays for Glass and I got to photograph a bunch of their games! It was a very exciting season as they won the State Championship! Jeremy was also chosen to participate in the Inside Lacrosse All-Star game. And I believe was named best defensive player in the state. (correct me if I’m wrong) Jeremy is a pretty quiet, laid back guy, but on the field he is aggressive! It’s pretty cool to see!

Enjoy your senior year!! It goes quickly!

Schyler - Scenic fall, Red Barn & Soccer Senior photoshoot - Lynchburg, VA

It was such a nice evening when we shot Schyler’s senior portraits. I love pine fields. The ones that are cleared out with pine needles on the ground and perfect rows. Luckily, Schyler has one on her property and her Dad was sure it was cleaned up for us when we shot. We also shot at a nearby barn and field. I remember her session being fun, she is such a relaxed, fun young lady!!

At our consultation she mentioned that she loved bubbles. So I was sure to have them at her session. She loved it!

We had some technical difficulties with her soccer session when the local goals had no nets, but we found one that did and had to capture those on a separate evening.

Jordan - Summertime, Waterfall Senior Photoshoot - Lynchburg Senior Photographer

Jordan had requested a waterfall for her senior session back when we had our consultation back in the Spring. But when the flood came though it ruined our waterfall spot, Hollins Mill. So I was on the hunt for a new one. I found this location on the parkway! I loved shooting here! All the spots were right there together. We only had to drive right down the road to the bridge.

Jordan is also an athlete. We shot her volleyball portraits back in June before the gym was closed for polishing and the crazy August practice schedule started. We had fun and I was glad she went with it when I asked her to climb into the ball cage!

Thank you so much for asking me to capture your senior portraits! I look forward to seeing what you do after high school!!!

Lance - Urban & Soccer Senior Portraits - Senior Portrait photographer

I love everything about how Lance's senior portraits turned out.  I picked a new spot to shoot at downtown, which gave us some new back grounds.  His style is fantastic!  Very natural and comfortable in front of the camera too!  

His soccer portraits were interesting.  I got permission to use the field and when we arrived the nets were locked up.  Which was the whole reason for using that field.  So we thought we found a key but it didn't work.   So we had to come back out and finish his session another evening.  Hey, things happen you can't control sometimes so that's ok.  The sky we got the first night was perfect so I am glad we got to shoot some that evening even without the nets.