Ian - Virginia Episcopal School - Alison Creasy Senior Photographer

We shot Ian's senior portraits at his home and we did a few at Virginia Episcopal School before we shot his soccer portraits.  We went down to the creek for a few, in a field with some gorgeous views, and by the barn.  The barn ones are interesting because it was completely dark by that time.  We got a late start and lost the light.  Good thing I have two lights because I used them both for those shots.  I really like the ones we did at his school as well.  What beautiful campus!  

Ian's dogs jumped in for some and kinda stole the show in them.  Leo (the white dog)  jumped in right away ready for his close up, while Trixie was a bit more hesitant.  (I apologize if I got their names wrong)  Then she decided she wanted in and came up to Ian and hung out while we where shooting.  Always fun to include my clients pets!