Evan's 18 Month pics (Lynchburg VA Children Photographer)

This past week I went to Richmond to photograph my nephew, Evan, who is 18 months old.  The first day it rained so no outdoors pictures on that day so we used her computer room.  We moved the couch and rolled up the rug in order to have a blank wall.  Here are a few below.  Also featured is Jackson, Evan's big brother, who is 5.


I love the look on his face in this one.  It's like he is saying, "I don't have time for pictures right now. I've got a cookie to eat."

I understand.  I feel the same way about cookies!


The next day we were able to visit a local pumpkin patch.  They let us use the patch even though it wasn't open to the public.  Thanks Boulevard Flowers.  If you are in the Richmond area check them out.  They have hay rides and other activities for kids.


He wanted the biggest ones!!




I took a few of Jackson catching the bus to school.