Meet Michaela {Lynchburg VA Newborn Photographer}

Check out Michaela's first photo shoot at seven days new!!!  She did such a good job.  I also had the pleasure of taking a few of her big sister whom I did her newborn shoot almost three years ago. 

Congratulations on your new addition;
A baby girl is a treasure rare;
A sweet pink angel, a little doll,
Nothing else can quite compare.

Her smiles and coos will bring you joy;
She'll fill your hearts with love and pleasure;
So cherish these special infant times,
With your little girl, your precious treasure.

By Joanna Fuchs


Bowie Boys!! {Lynchburg, VA Children's Photographer}

Recently an old friend from High School contacted me about getting together to shoot,  she also happens to be a great photographer down in Georgia.  (  Kathleen has been very supportive to me and my budding photography business.  It's great to have others to talk with about your passion no matter what it is.  It's hard for those who don't do photography to really relate and there are so many unanswered question when you first get going.  Having a mentor in this or any business is a valuable asset. So we shot as her sister's house, she's just as nice as Kathleen is, her boys were are subjects.  Her oldest son was first while the youngest took a nap.  This swing was in the backyard and was perfect.  Everyone needs one of these in their backyards.

A moment with Mommie.

He has the cutest puppy dog eyes.  I bet it's hard to stay firm with those eyes looking back at you.

This little guy was dancing on the coffee table.  He was so cute and funny to watch.  :)

 "Rollin in my 5.0, with my ragtop down so my hair can blow"  - Vanilla Ice

Thanks Kathleen.  Hope to do this again sometime.  Love hanging with you and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pretty in Pink! {Lynchburg, VA Children's photographer}

This past weekend I had the chance to photograph a birthday party.  Rose turned one surrounded by family, friends and all things pink and pretty.  The decor was fabulous and will get it's own blog.

She walked around in her pink tutu and later a pink romper with ruffles.  She ate her pink cake and sucked on a pink sucker.

Rose took the day in stride.  Cruising around mingling like a pro.  She went from person to person letting everyone see her for a bit.  I don't remember her getting fussy, which is great.  I hope she slept good that night so her parents could put their feet up after all their hard work.


I got some great shots of her before the guests arrived.




This picture shows a little sneak peek of the decorations.  Told you they were fabulous!!!

So what's the best part of a 1st birthday party?  The cake, of course.  Everyone wants to see the baby take their first bite of cake and dig in getting it all over their face and clothes in the process.

Rose did not disappoint.  Dad let her lick the icing off the end of the candle and it was on.  She dug in making all cake lovers proud.




And below is my absolute favorite picture of Rose.  Sometimes it's hard to say why something is your favorite.  Usually for me it evokes an emotion that others don't.  This was taken before the party while she was

cruising around on the couch.  She was just doing what she was doing and stopped and looked at me (of course I was probably calling her name, but that doesn't matter).

This picture shows those gorgeous blue eyes, her little baby belly and that pink tutu and polka dot bow is adorable.  Thanks Rose for being so cute  and fun to take pictures of.

Happy Birthday!!!

Beautiful Ballerina! {Lynchburg, VA Family photographer}

Today I got to take some pictures of my niece, Ashton.  When she was born she was so small I was scared to hold her.  ( I had never really held a baby at that time.)  But now she is tall and gorgeous and growing up too fast. She is a ballerina!  I was excited to try something different, but also a little nervous.  I am usually outside or in front of a window.  I had no idea how much light would be available for the pictures.  It turned out great.  I am so excited.  I did have to use my off camera flash for some.  I hope she likes them.  I had a hard time deciding which to share on the blog, but went with the ones that caught my eye first.







I can't wait to do this again.  This was so much fun.  Thanks Ashton and Amanda for asking me.  Anytime!! (I REALLY mean that)








Happy Birthday Jackson! {Lynchburg VA Children's Photographer}

Jackson turns six tomorrow.  My nieces and nephews are growing so fast.  While he was in last I snapped some pictures for his 6th birthday.  Since it was 60 degrees in December, we went to park and took some pictures on the playground. Happy Birthday Jackson!  I hope you are a great time at your birthday party.