Bowie Boys!! {Lynchburg, VA Children's Photographer}

Recently an old friend from High School contacted me about getting together to shoot,  she also happens to be a great photographer down in Georgia.  (  Kathleen has been very supportive to me and my budding photography business.  It's great to have others to talk with about your passion no matter what it is.  It's hard for those who don't do photography to really relate and there are so many unanswered question when you first get going.  Having a mentor in this or any business is a valuable asset. So we shot as her sister's house, she's just as nice as Kathleen is, her boys were are subjects.  Her oldest son was first while the youngest took a nap.  This swing was in the backyard and was perfect.  Everyone needs one of these in their backyards.

A moment with Mommie.

He has the cutest puppy dog eyes.  I bet it's hard to stay firm with those eyes looking back at you.

This little guy was dancing on the coffee table.  He was so cute and funny to watch.  :)

 "Rollin in my 5.0, with my ragtop down so my hair can blow"  - Vanilla Ice

Thanks Kathleen.  Hope to do this again sometime.  Love hanging with you and I hope you enjoy the pictures.