Editorial Photography for Johns Hopkins Medicine - Norah - Alison Creasy Photography

Over the summer I was contact by Johns Hopkins Medicine and hired to get some pictures for an article they were doing for a local girl.  Norah was very sick girl in a lot of pain and their hospital helped her get better and back on her feet.  They asked for some pictures of her, with her family and doing a few things she likes to so.  She likes to make slime and ride her bike so that's what I went with.  She is such a bright and happy girl, it's hard to think about her going through all that she has.   I am glad her happiness still shines bright!  While we were there I grabbed a shot of her siblings as well.   

 I recently got the magazine and it is awesome seeing my work in print.  I'd love to do more editorial work.  

Here is a link to the magazine article:  Beyond the Pain