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Everyday Sommelier - Lynchburg VA Commercial Photography

Recently I’ve had the privilege of working with a new business here in Lynchburg. Everyday Sommelier is a Wine Event business and Wine Shop located at 514-B Fifth Street, Lynchburg. The tag line from their website states they are, “Your guide thought the world of wine….one glass at a time.” At the shop they have wine tastings, specialty foods, wine accessories, and wine books. They also have wine tours. They are have hosted tours of local vineyards and are now even doing a wine tour of Tuscany this fall. This business is the brain child of Tonya, who is a WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Basically, she knows wine!!!

I have photographed two of their wine dinners and a tour of Ankida Ridge Vineyards. Below are images from those events! Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on which wines they are featuring each weekend that you can go by and sample and learn! I have benefited from their advice for a wine gift and have been the recipient of a gift of a bottle of wine that they recommended and they were spot on! Go check them out! They are all such nice people as well!

Technical School Photoshoot - Virginia Commercial Photographer

This past spring (I'm a little late in getting this blog out) I had the chance to do a shoot for the Campbell County Technical Center.  They wanted some images to put in their hallways to show off their programs.  The technical center is a great asset for the county.  There is a variety of programs for students to participate in that will get them a jump start in learning skills for after high school.  I think it's great that there is an emphasize now on trade schools as being a great option for career training.  No need to accumulate thousands of dollars in college loans if that is not where your want your career to go.  I am sure many of these students are now working in their career fields!!   

Here is a small sample of the images I took.  

Editorial Photography for Johns Hopkins Medicine - Norah - Alison Creasy Photography

Over the summer I was contact by Johns Hopkins Medicine and hired to get some pictures for an article they were doing for a local girl.  Norah was very sick girl in a lot of pain and their hospital helped her get better and back on her feet.  They asked for some pictures of her, with her family and doing a few things she likes to so.  She likes to make slime and ride her bike so that's what I went with.  She is such a bright and happy girl, it's hard to think about her going through all that she has.   I am glad her happiness still shines bright!  While we were there I grabbed a shot of her siblings as well.   

 I recently got the magazine and it is awesome seeing my work in print.  I'd love to do more editorial work.  

Here is a link to the magazine article:  Beyond the Pain

Men at Work {Lynchburg, VA photographer}

Recently I went to the job site for Neighbors Lawn Care while they were doing a seeding job.  Matt asked me to get some pictures of him and his employees working.  I am going to shoot several of his jobs throughout the rest of the year.  I have known Matt for many years and he is like family.  His company does lawn care, leaf removal, seeding jobs and custom farming.  He loves farming and has one of his own. The day I went out it was dusty, which you will see.  I like the dust in the pictures though just not on my camera, which I had to blow off afterwards.

I did get him to pose for me this past Sunday too for some shots of him in the evening on his farm.  Those follow the work pictures.

This is CT one of Matt's employees.

I love seeing the seed come out of the spreader below.  Cool!

Told you it was dusty.  When you walked little puffs of dust would billow up around your feet. I love the silhouette of Matt in the tractor.

Below is Matthew who also works for Matt.  Good thing he goes by Matthew or that would get confusing.  They were loading large rocks onto the bucket to get out of the field.

One more of the dust!!

Below are the ones I took of Matt at his farm.

Don't you just love a good laugh, I do.

Matt's pride and joy.  Is farm and equipment.  International all the way!!!!

This one is my favorite of Matt.  The cows wanted to get in the shot as well.  They were totally into it.

Matt with the Mrs. stealing a kiss.

I'm not sure what they were laughing at, probably my husband who was holding the reflector or our other friend who was out there with us, I'm just glad I caught it.

I can't wait to see what his next job will be that I get to shoot.  Going to get some mowing in one.  I'll post more when I have them.

Until next time. . . .