Dylan - Rustburg High - Class of 2017 (Lynchburg Virginia Senior Photographer}

Dylan is a model in the making.  He was great to shoot.  It's no real magic to taking great pictures, it's really just being comfortable and relaxing.  Dylan was relaxed during his shoot and it shows.  

I enjoyed shooting him at the Rustburg Volunteer Fire Department.  That was a first for me and I always enjoy shooting something different.  We also shot at a pond since he loves fishing and on a farm.  The house we photographed at was about to fall down but it was a great backdrop for his portraits!   

Enjoy your senior year Dylan, it will go fast!  



Bailey - Rustburg High - Class of 2017 - {Senior Photography}

My first session for the Class of 2017 was for Bailey.  She is a Senior at Rustburg High school and is one of my Senior Model Reps!  We did her session at Brightwell Mill in Madison Heights.  It was beautiful there.  With a waterfall, weeping willow and old buildings you just can't go wrong.  I am glad she was willing to get into the water because those shots turned out awesome!!! 

Bailey was great to work with, great easy smile and quick to laugh!!! I had fun working with her and her parents!  Her viewing and ordering session went great with some tears from Mom. 

I hope you have a wonderful senior year Bailey!  It will go fast so soak it all in!!

ACP is Changing Its Ways! Senior Portraits {Lynchburg VA Photographer}

Change is good.  Change is what keeps a business current and always improving; and that is what Alison Creasy Photography is doing.  Up till now I have used galleries for client viewing and ordering.  That will no longer be the case.  In the future after a session I will meet with my clients and show them their images in person and at that time they will place their order.  

Why you say?  Service.  I believe this will solve the confusion when clients place their orders.  I will be there with them to answer all their questions when they are ordering.  I will also be able to show them the product in person so they may decided which ones they like best.  

For instance, say you buy a collection but there is one item you would rather trade out for another.  Well most photographers will work with clients on these things but if we aren't there for you to ask most clients will just place the order as is.  

Also I want to be there when clients see their images.  I want to know which ones they like and don't and why.  How can I learn and know what clients think if I just post a gallery and wait for an order.  

Ordering in person was the way it was done for years and years.  But we have gotten away from taking the time to work with customers and help them and we traded that for the convenience of an online gallery.  The online gallery service has been in response the customers wanting the gallery, however, I believe that having a viewing appointment will actually turn out to be a better way.  I look forward to helping my customers and providing this service.  

Sergio and Marisol Engagement {Roanoke VA Engagement Photographer}

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with this wonderful couple.  They were fun to shoot and went along with whatever I came up with, a photographers dream.  We started at the Butterfly exhibit at Center in the Square and then went up to the Hotel Roanoke.  We even got the dogs in on it, what a beautiful family!!  I am really looking forward to their wedding in May!!