Wedding Details! {Virginia Wedding Photography}

It's all in the details!  Wedding planning is a long detailed process.  The Bride spends time planning each small detail to perfection.  So, it's important to shoot the details.  It paints a picture of the look and feel of the wedding.  Most guests will see the big picture, but picking out those small details and photographing them will give the Bride a visual remembrance of the wedding!  

The following are the details that I was able to shoot at the Sam Stroud Unity workshop at West Manor.  The workshop was styled by Social 10 Events and Elle Dee Designs. 


Horse Bridal Shoot {Lynchburg VA Bridal Portraits}


What do you do when you have a wedding dress and a friend with a horse?  You take pictures of course.  It's always fun to do a shoot to try different things and show brides the possibilities.  Now, I wouldn't do a shoot like this before the wedding because this dress was put through the ringer. It was muddy and wet by the time we were done, but it was all worth it.  I got some gorgeous images of a Bride and her horse.  

This would be a great after the wedding session where you didn't care if the dress got messed up.  What you are left with are images that will last forever!!!  Much better than having a dress rot away in an attic some where.  It's not for everyone.  But for those brave brides its a fun idea, and the possibilities are endless!!

Model:  Wendy

Horse:  Maggie

Dress:  Church Street Bridal

Flowers:  Countryside Florist

Just take a look!!

Alison Creasy, Virginia Wedding Photographer, located in Lynchburg, VA serving the greater Virginia area including Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Richmond.  



Bridal Show {Lynchburg VA Wedding Photographer}

Recently I attended the VA Bridal show in Roanoke as a vendor.  We worked hard to build my booth and make it nice.  I wanted to show off some large canvases and I wanted to have a simple, clean booth that went with my brand.  I decided on Black walls with purple accents.  

Luckily I have a very handy husband.  We found some lightweight panel doors at Lowe's and he machined a metal piece to join them and for them to stay upright.  The floor is a foam puzzle fake wood floor.  Which was very nice to stand on all day.  I was grateful not to have to stand on concrete all day.  

The show went very well.  Below are step by step photos of it the booth going up.  

I promise I helped put the booth together, but I can't take the pictures and be in them at the same time.  I want to thank my husband for all his help!!!

Dustin & Heather {Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer}

Venue and Flowers:  Glencliff Manor, Rustburg, VA

Dress:  David's Bridal

Bride's, Mother of Bride, and Maid of Honor Hair:  Wendy Neighbors

Makeup:  Katrenna Jordon with Mary Kay

Cake:  Angela Hudson

Bridesmaids Hair:  Sherry Holt

Catering:  Chic-fil-a and Glencliff Manor


You're more than a lover
There could never be another
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Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over
Everytime I look at you
I don't know where I'd be
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Life with you makes perfect sense
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You're my best friend.

-Tim McGraw