2017 was Awesome! Virginia Senior Photographer

2017 has flown by, and I like to take a look back and reflect on what happened over the past year to help me prepare for the year to come. Each year I get to meet more and more seniors and their families.  They are at a turning point in their lives and it is great to be part of that.  It's the point where childhood comes to an end and the road to adulthood begins.  I love being able to capture who they are in that moment before things start to change and big decisions start to be made.   

Thank you to each and everyone of my clients!  I wish you all the best in the year to come!!  

Haley - Rustburg High - Class of 2018 - Senior Photography

I have really enjoyed working with Haley over the summer!  She is one of my senior reps for this year and I have worked with her several times now.  She even came through for me at the very last minute to pose for some pictures I wanted to do.  This girl is gorgeous, BUT, she's smart too!  Very smart!  I know with her dedication to her studies she will go far.  I look forward to seeing what and who she becomes as I do all my seniors.  I hope to have the chance to see her around in the future! 

Now enjoy these awesome portraits we took downtown.  I enjoyed shooting into the night so we got some of the city lights!  

Senior Portraits in Lavender - Evergreen Lavender Farm VA - Virginia Senior Photographer -

Years ago I shot at Evergreen Lavender Farm but hadn't been back in years!  When I realized the lavender was in I decided I have to shoot before it's gone.  It was coming close to the end of the lavender and it was a week when the weather was beautiful so I called one of my senior reps to see if she was available.  We didn't explore all the other goodness at the farm we stayed in the lavender but I was able to shoot another senior there at a later date and we explored it all!  

Thank you to Haley and her mom, Kelly, for being willing to shoot with me at the last minute.  I appreciate it!  

Senior Portraits - A little something different {Virginia Senior Photography}

The second part of this shoot I decided to work with my lights like I usually do but push it a little bit.  We shot in front of a wall of aluminum foil and in the shed where we store our lawn mower.  Yup, doesn't have to be a fancy place to create interesting images.  I added gels to my speed lights in the shed and those ended up being my favorites.  It was fun to shoot how I wanted and to create something interesting and different.  

I enjoy shooting outside in the beautiful Virginia country side.  But if you are that Senior that wants something a little different, I can accommodate that as well!   

Makeup:  In Your Face Makeup Art

Lynchburg VA Senior Photographer

I love it when product comes in to deliver!  I know digitals are all the rage but pictures were meant to print and enjoy.  Place them all over, Desks, Bookshelf's, Walls, Refrigerators.  How often do you pull out your DVD, USB, or gallery and sit and go through your pictures?  Never right.  Print them!  Enjoy them!!!