Rustburg High School Soccer Seniors {Virginia Sports Team Photographer}

Alright, this post will get me all caught up for my sports sessions.  The Rustburg High School Girls Soccer Seniors asked me to photograph them and do their schedules.  They were up for doing something different with one of their poses and it turned out great!  I really like how their schedules turned out too!  We were supposed to shoot on the soccer field but there was a track meet at the time and I am glad there was.  Despite the high velocity winds we had going on the location of the sun behind them was for the best.  It provided some awesome backlighting.  

RHS Baseball Seniors - {Lynchburg VA Sports Photographer}

I am a little behind on blogging my recent Senior sports team shoots.  I am going to try to catch that up.  Recently I had the chance to photograph the Rustburg High School Baseball Seniors.  We met on a cloudy afternoon which was to our benefit.  No sun to compete against and we were able use the lights. Looks like they are having a great season so far.   Good luck with the rest of your session  guys!!