Springtime!! :) {Lynchburg, VA Photographer}

Spring is here.  A bit early, yet still here.  And with it comes green grass,  fresh flowers, and loads of pollen.  Yes fellow allergy sufferers pollen is here early and I bet this year will bring extra loads of it.  (just guessing) Of course I like to document with photographs (I am a photographer so. . .  seems fitting).

I love tulips in all colors.


I would love to have a field full of Tulips to take pictures of.  Wouldn't that be beautiful?

The Dogwoods have made their debut as well.

With all the beauty that spring brings, with it comes storms.  And we had a nice one Saturday evening.  When I hear Tornado warning I get a little nervous.  Since Rocky can no longer go up and down flights of steps (especially when he is in his panic storm mode) I took him around to the basement in case we needed cover.  Luckily we didn't actually have one, but we did have hail.  I was in the basement when it starting coming down and it sounded like rocks hitting the house.  No damage though.




Hail = insurance agents nightmare.  Bet all my old insurance co-workers were worried to death.  (I used to be an insurance agent)  Hope they didn't have too many claims today.

Some of  the hail were small round balls and others were flat circles the size of quarters.  I don't mind the rain, we need it to keep the pollen down and in check, but please no more hail and tornado warnings.  I can do without!