Ode to a special Dog!!! {Lynchburg, VA Photographer}

My friend Marcie has a dog, Ruger, whom she loves very much.  Her and her husband got him during their honeymoon and he has been a big part of their lives ever since.  From fishing, to lake trips with us and other friends, to going to the beach or just going to the bank, he has been there every step of the way.

Unfortunately, they recently found out he has cancer and it can't be removed.  So Marcie made a bucket list for Ruger.  Things she wanted to do and memories she wanted to make with him during the short time he has left.

Since we do a lot together, I went along on one of those bucket list trips.  Going to Petsmart.  Of course I took my camera to remember the day.  But first we stopped at Moe's for some lunch.



No we didn't give him any Burritos.  Giving Ruger diarrhea isn't the kind of memories she is going for.    He did get a few chips with a tiny bit of cheese dip on it.

Next we went on to Petsmart.  He was so happy sniffing everything.  So many smells from food to other dog smells.  He didn't know where to put his nose first.



Below he is picking out some doggie ice cream.  Which was another item on the list.  He has never had doggie ice cream.  My dog Rocky loves it!  I don't remember which flavor he got, may have been peanut butter.  But Marcie said he loved it.  I got Rocky some too.


He picked out quit a few other items.


He had a great day.  I hear when he got home he was so tired out he slept like a baby.  He really is a special dog.  We keep him when his Mom and Dad go out of town and has become special to me a well.  I am very sad about his diagnosis, but am so glad he has been able to have such a wonderful, active life and that my family has got to know him.  Rocky and him are best buds.  Marcie is blogging about their adventure.  Check out her blog at.


Here is one last pic of Ruger.  Love you Rudy toot :)