Ruger {Lynchburg, VA Family Photographer}

A few weeks ago I told ya'll about my friend who's dog, Ruger was sick.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle with prostate cancer on April 12th.  I had a chance to get some shots of Roo before his passing.  I've taken a lot of pictures of Ruger over the years.  He was energetic and loved to snuggle.

When he would come over he would always run as fast as he could inside, run across the living room through the kitchen and slide into the rug at the back door.  Its just what he did.

It's funny. . . our relationship with our dogs.  It's a unique relationship.  They do everything with us.  Sometimes we take them for rides to no where.  Sometimes we take them for walks, to the beach, or to the lake.  When we go on vacation and Rocky isn't with us I worry about him.

It's so great when they greet you when you come home.  Tail wagging and a smile on their face.  It can brighten your day so much.  It's funny to think that while you've been off doing what you were doing, they were home waiting on you.  I know my husband doesn't do that.  I think it can be a similar relationship that you parents have with your children.  They depend on you to live.  Except we know they won't out live us.  And that is a tough realization.  No matter how well you take care of them or even if they are perfectly healthy they don't have the same life span as humans.

Yet we still get them, still love them, and still grieve when we lose them.  Because for that short amount of time they made life better.  They add extra flavor to the everyday.  And that makes it all worth it!


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings


Below are a few of my favorites from my last session with him.  We miss you Ruger!



Of course he slept on the bed. . . with his head on a pillow just like a person.  He loved looking out the window too!


He looks like a puppy here.




He loved his Momma and his Momma loves him!


Below is my friend's blog post about her loss and she  posted some pictures of their everyday life together.  Check them out.  Some are sweet and some just make you laugh.