Martha Stewart would be proud! {Lynchburg, Va Photographer}

Yesterday I told you about Rose and how her party decor was fabulous.  Her mom worked hard to make a lot of the decorations and get it all set up and ready.  It was all in the details.

Things were decorated that usually aren't even thought about, like the water bottles and chandler in the room.  The different shades of pinks and textures all came together so beautifully.

You know all the party planning idea pictures you see on Pinterest that you pin and think, "One day I'm going to do this for a party."  Well this party should be one of those pins and featured in Southern Living Magazine.  Really, no joke.  You can see for yourself below.  I had a lot of fun taking the pictures of the decor.  I am usually taking pics of people so to have the chance to shoot the details that were so gorgeous was a change and I really enjoyed it.  I could have stayed for hours getting just the details.


Below is the main table, with the cake, cupcake tree, party favors and etc.  I love, love, love those paper flowers and shapes above the table.  I want them in my house for a party, I'm thinking in red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

The large "R" below was made by Rose's Mom.  I remember 3 of them in different spots and from what I understand it took a long time to make these. These would look nice on the wall in Rose's room.

Below shows what's on the above step table.  From little boxes saying Rose's first birthday to suckers telling their guests Thank You.

The guest's cake.  I remember the top layer was key lime pie flavored.  What a wonderful idea especially for the summer time.  The other layers were other flavors, but I don't remember what.

If I remember correctly both cakes were from Select Cakes in Lynchburg,


This is Rose's cake before she dug into it.


What a great idea.  She hung up some of Rose's outfits on a close line in front of the window.  The other window had pictures of Rose on a clothes line.


I'm a sucker for a pinwheel.  Love them!  This is so cute.  I want one on my table.


See water bottles.  I wouldn't lie.  I wonder where she got these?


Pretty awesome, huh?  Didn't I tell ya!!!