Super Fast!!! {Lynchburg, VA Family Photographer}

So recently I realized that the speed at which one can download using a public wifi signal is significantly faster than one can upload images while using a personal high speed internet signal. A lot faster!  While taking my grandmother to a recent procedure I tested out the wifi signal at the hospital and uploaded an entire gallery in a matter of minutes.  I had been spending days uploading pictures for galleries.  I would hit upload turn to a page in the book I was reading, read a few pages and wait for it to upload, and then repeat the process.  This was tedious.  Very.

So here I sit at Barnes and Noble typing out this blog.  I came to upload a gallery and decided to go ahead to do the blog post while I was here since uploading will be faster.  I may reserve a spot by the window for future use.  There is a glare, but it is warmer by the windows since it seems to be freezing in here most of the time.

So here's to faster uploads and free wifi!!

I had the chance recently to snap some shots of this lovely young lady, Shaina.  After shooting a few of her I asked her mom to join in.  I got some shots of them relaxed and laughing.  A great mother/daughter moment.

Shaina was very relaxed in front of the camera.  No forced smiles and just did what I asked.  Easy, peasy.  Cute shoes too!  Thanks ladies for making that short time with you fun.

I love to get pictures of people genuinely laughing.  It's so great to see.