Bryce - Brookville High - Scenic farm with lake Senior Photoshoot, Lynchburg VA

It was a beautiful evening for Bryce’s senior portraits. We met at his family land where they spend time. It was perfect to photograph on. He did some fishing, caught a huge catfish and two other fish. Then we went to the Evington Volunteer Fire Department where he volunteers. It was a fantastic evening! Thank you Bryce for having me take your senior portraits.

Austin Sports - RHS - Alison Creasy Senior Photographer

Austin plays Baseball and Basketball.  I enjoyed shooting both.  I hid behind an L screen for the hitting and pitching ones.  I love getting to capture the pitching straight on instead of just to the side.  He had to do a lot of layups for me so I could get multiple angles!  So he got a little practice during both sessions. 

Austin is looking to attend either UVA or VA Tech after high school.  He is thinking about being a meteorologist.  First person I've known to want to be one.  I think we all think we are one!  Sounds like a very interesting field of study!!  Good luck Austin on your upcoming Senior Basketball and Baseball seasons!!

Tyler - Rustburg High School - Class of 2018 {Senior Photographer}

Tyler asked that we shoot at the City Stadium since they had turf.  We shot early at 7:30 and I am grateful for the cloud cover we got.  I have learned that sports shoots with clouds equals awesome!  

We shot Tyler's senior portrait on some land in Concord and we couldn't have asked for a better evening.  The best thing about shooting in May before summer is the weather!  He brought his truck, his dogs, and his guns.  I got some great shots of him.  Took some strategy to get the dogs together in one picture but thanks to the truck bed we got it!  

Tyler - Rustburg High School - Class of 2018 Senior Rep {Rustburg Senior Photographer}

We are almost done with introducing this years' Senior reps.  Today let me introduce you to Tyler from Rustburg High School where plays football.  He has played for the past 13 years.  After high school he plans on getting his welding degree from CVCC and become a diesel mechanic.  He will actually start on this next year during his senior year!

Tyler has a Lab named Jake and loves country music and hunting.  His favorite TV channels are the History channel and the Outdoor network.  You may find him eating at his restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings on occasion!  

We have some exciting things planned for Tyler's senior session and I am looking forward it!  Can't wait to show you what we get.    

Clothing Styled by Max and Dexter Event Design

Isaiah - Rustburg HS - Class of 2018 Senior Rep {Rustburg Senior Photographer}

Today let me introduce another member of my rep team.  This is Isaiah!!  He goes to Rustburg High School where he plays baseball.  He has played baseball for the past 13 years.  Isaiah enjoys woking on his truck, farming and hanging out with his friends.  

His favorite restaurant is Perky's but also loves Mexican food and his favorite movie is Fast and Furious!  After high school he wants to attend CVCC and taking Machining!    

Clothing Styled by Max and Dexter