Dylan - Rustburg High - Class of 2017 (Lynchburg Virginia Senior Photographer}

Dylan is a model in the making.  He was great to shoot.  It's no real magic to taking great pictures, it's really just being comfortable and relaxing.  Dylan was relaxed during his shoot and it shows.  

I enjoyed shooting him at the Rustburg Volunteer Fire Department.  That was a first for me and I always enjoy shooting something different.  We also shot at a pond since he loves fishing and on a farm.  The house we photographed at was about to fall down but it was a great backdrop for his portraits!   

Enjoy your senior year Dylan, it will go fast!  



Dillon - Rustburg High - Class of 2016 {Lynchburg VA Senior Guy Photographer}


 Sunday was another great evening for a Senior Photo Shoot.  I love getting to work with all these Seniors.  We met at Dillon's grandparents farm.  There were fields, barns, and the Staunton River!  Plenty of places to get some great shots.  I did get in the river a bit.  Luckily there were plenty of little islands for us to stand on and to put my light on.  

Dillon hasn't decided yet where he is going to college yet, but is thinking of something in the medical field!  Good Luck, Dillon,  in whatever you choose and for now just enjoy your Senior year!!!!


Tyler - Rustburg High - Class of 2016 {Lynchburg VA Senior Photographer}

Meet Tyler!  He is a Senior at Rustburg High School.  We met at Sweet Briar College.  It was a really nice Sunday evening.  Not too hot!  We had some clouds once we moved out into the field which I love with the truck.  Very masculine!  Tyler was very relaxed which shows in his pictures.   

Tyler likes to fish and plays basketball at RHS.  Due to the refinishing of the floors in the gym we will have to take those pics when they are done!  

This my second Senior with Patriotic clothing.  He even brought an American Flag!  I am very excited by this!  I hope this shows that this generation is growing up to be proud Americans!!! 

Good luck Tyler in your Senior year!!!

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Logan - Rustburg Class of 2016 {Lynchburg VA Senior Photographer}

Sunday was a perfect summer day for Senior pictures.  Not too hot!  Logan is a Senior at Rustburg High School.  We went to Logan's family's farm where there were many different places to go.  A river, woods, fields, what more could you ask for.  Logan is an avid hunter, loves to fish, and plays baseball for Rustburg.  He comes from a family of hunters, with his Mom even getting in on the action.  Logan is one of my Reps this year and I have enjoyed working with him.    

Good Luck, Logan on your Senior year!  I hope you have a blast!!!